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Located 5 miles north of Appleton, our operation is consisted of a beef and grain practice where we farm about 1000 acres of corn, soybeans, wheat, and alfalfa and run about 75-80 head of Simmental, Angus, and SmAngus cattle. We first started raising Simmentals after purchasing our first registered animal from Hilbrands in 2010 and have been expanding since. Embryo transfer and artificial insemination are used extensively to grow our herd. We enjoy being part of the cattle industry!

Check out our consignments at the
2016 MN State Sale
Cannon Falls on February 27th
Lot 10
SCHR Chloe
Lot 48
SCHR Honeysuckle 504C
Lot 60
SCHR Magnum 502C

Thank you to Isabelle Steinbronn and Echard Farms for purchasing our consignments at the 2015 MN State Simmental Sale!


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